Training Week: 9/8-9/14

Swim: 17,600 Yards (4:02) 
Bike: 145 Miles (6:48)
Run: 23.5 Miles (2:54)
Total*: 100 Points (13:44)

Swim: It looks like I did a lot of swimming this week, but very little of it was hard, so I feel like it was significantly less. I capped the week with a 5K pull in the pool–by far my longest straight swim ever, and with a buoy between my legs. It felt like doing a really boring long run (it took almost 80 minutes). I got the idea in my head while looking at the Leadman 250 race, which includes a 5K swim–I wondered what swimming that far would feel like, and I was trying to let my legs recover so I turned it into a pull workout. I probably won’t be doing this again any time soon.

Delaware Diamondman Bike

Bike: After the Delaware Diamondman on Sunday, my legs were more or less trashed all week. I logged a moderate 55-mile ride in the middle of the week, but the high power just wasn’t there.

Run: On Monday and Tuesday, my quads were so tender I was having issues going up and down stairs and walking back and forth between my apartment and the office, so running was out. By Thursday, the sharp pains had subsided and I completed my typical hill session, though my legs were still carrying quite a bit of fatigue.

Total: Following Sunday’s race and in advance of my season finale 70.3 on September 30th, this week didn’t contain a whole lot of training. I am a little disappointed in the slowness of my recovery from the race, but since it was my first half iron distance I probably shouldn’t be surprised. With two weeks to go until Pocono 70.3, the hay is pretty much in the barn, even though I would have preferred to stuff a little more in there with some harder workouts this week.

*I have a non-standard system for quantifying my training output. (Swim Miles x 4) + (Bike Miles / 4) + Run Miles = Total Points. Listed time is time spent swimming, biking, or running, not rest between intervals, walking, etc.


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