Training Week 9/1-9/7

Swim: 10,100 Yards (2:17) 
Bike: 60 Miles (3:00)
Run: 32 Miles (3:46)
Total*: 70 Points (9:04)

Swim: I didn’t get in nearly the swimming I had hoped for this week. The water at the Jersey shore was not only rough but filled with Jellyfish, and I stupidly decided not to bring my wetsuit. I could feel the slimy backs of the jellyfish with my hands as I swam. Disgusting. So I bagged a few days of swimming–not the end of the world–but I managed to get over 10K yards in three pool workouts during the back half of the week. I have started using a pull buoy for some sets–I find that isolating my upper body strengthens my pull and the buoy teaches me to keep my hips elevated. Not sure whether this is normal, but I can pull within a few seconds per 100 of my regular steady state swim pace.

Bike: I also decided not to bring my bike to the shore, so I missed my regular long ride. Two sweet spot-heavy sessions of 90 minutes each were all I could manage, as I was really dragging this week and hoping to have somewhat fresh legs for the half-Ironman in Delaware on Sunday.

The highlight of the week was getting a professional fit on my bike. I feel much better and more dialed in on my bike–it turns out my seat was almost 2 cm too low, which is a ton. Most importantly, I am now in a position that will both yield better power production and be more aerodynamic. I have only ridden with the new fit once outdoors, but I noticed a big difference.

Run: I kicked the week off with a 17-mile long run in Island Beach State Park in Jersey. Since I got a late start, the humidity quickly became stifling and I only had one short water stop planned. I clicked off some good miles in the middle, but only averaged 6:35 pace with a heart rate that would usually merit about 30 seconds per mile faster. The dehydration (and lack of electrolytes, probably) really affected me during the run and afterward–for a couple days following, my legs were feeling beaten down. Runs that deplete like this definitely detract from (and aren’t necessary for) half Ironman training, as I had to can a cycling workout due to the lasting fatigue. However, since I am considering a fall marathon and had the next day slotted for rest, I thought I could make it work. Lesson learned.

Total: This was a disappointing week of training. I planned to head into the Delaware Diamondman weekend having completed both a substantive week of training and feeling somewhat fresh. But I was feeling run down and dead legged, and in order to stay healthy and feel strong going into the race, which I am treating more as a dress rehearsal/key training effort for Pocono 70.3 later this month, I missed several workouts. However, sometimes it’s important to listen to your body and take the rest; part of training is knowing when you should push more and when you need to lay off.

*I have a non-standard system for quantifying my training output. (Swim Miles x 4) + (Bike Miles / 4) + Run Miles = Total Points. Listed time is time spent swimming, biking, or running, not rest between intervals, walking, etc.


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