Training Week: 8/4-8/10

Swim: 17,600 Yards (3:56) 
Bike: 174 Miles (8:37)
Run: 32 Miles (3:42)
Total*: 115.5 Points (16:16)

Swim: My swim is definitely back, and all it took was brutal consistency. With over 60K yards in the last four weeks, I’m now comfortable where I am. A strong 6 x 400 set (in 5:43 average, short-course meters) gave me confidence that the work is paying off and that I’ll be more than capable of swimming 1:20 / 100 yard pace in wetsuit races this fall.

Bike: The highlight of this week was Saturday’s 82-mile, four-hour tempo ride in the Pocono mountains with over 6K feet of climbing. I set out to do 55 miles at 240W (half-Ironman goal power) followed by some endurance riding, but after a brief stop for a Red Bull and a Gatorade I felt strong enough to continue pushing back to the house. Ultimately, I probably rode too hard, averaging 238W (3.6 W/Kg) and 245W normalized for an IF of 0.87 and a 298 TSS (i.e. tantamount to an Ironman bike effort).

Poconos Morning

Run: After my Poconos ride, I transitioned immediately into a hard four-mile brick run, which started out being painful and ended up being excruciating, but on the bright side my body seemed to accept the Ironman Perform I’d taken in order to test the nutrition I’ll receive on race day. The next morning, I logged a 14-mile long run with over 1,000 feet of climbing. It wasn’t my best effort, but I pushed through on tired legs…which are really the only running legs you have in triathlon.

I continue to have niggling pain in my hip, but I was thrilled to get in another 30-mile running week. If I can stay healthy enough to maintain this consistency in the coming weeks, I am confident I’ll be where I want to be in late September.

Total: This was supposed to be a low-volume week, but I couldn’t pass up the big training opportunity in the Poconos, and I had difficulty taking down time for more than a couple days. Frankly, I’m a little annoyed to see the total tally because I do feel a bit overtrained–I had to cut short a tempo run yesterday, and my legs often feel like lead. But this is what happens when you have no coach, have a fly by the seat of your pants training plan, and are a foolish, inexperienced athlete with no self control!

This coming weekend, I have another hilly ~80-mile tempo ride planned for Saturday morning, but I intend to take Sunday and Monday a little easier. We’ll see.

*I have a non-standard system for quantifying my training output. (Swim Miles x 4) + (Bike Miles / 4) + Run Miles = Total Points. Listed time is time spent swimming, biking, or running, not rest between intervals, walking, etc.


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