Training Week: 7/21-7/27

Swim: 14,100 Yards (3:06)
Bike: 200 Miles (10:04)
Run: 25 Miles (3:10)
Total*: 107 Points (16:20)

Swim: Slowly speeding up in the pool. It’s hard to stay motivated here, and more often than not I’m dreading the impending workout as I walk to the gym. However, the Olympics is helping, and I got in a nice Ironman-length open water wetsuit swim this week, which is always a treat.

Bike: I continue to progress on the bike, though I am finding it difficult to get in both volume (>200 miles per week) and intensity on the bike in addition to running. While I managed to get in two 50+ mile tempo efforts (one on the Poconos 70.3 course, which I’m coming to know well), at no point in the week did I feel capable of really hammering a good 2×20 threshold workout or V02 intervals–my legs were just too fatigued.

In this week’s edition of near-death cycling incidents, I was rapidly descending a hill in the Poconos when I spooked a deer, which scampered out of the brush directly toward me on the road. Luckily, the deer halted just as I roared by, but I was so close to it that my front wheel rolled over the top of the deer’s hooves. Despite being down in the aero bars, I held control of the bike after the minor speed bump. Scary stuff…inches could have made for a gnarly accident.

Run: While my hip is still nagging me, the pain seems to be easing slightly. I managed to run for three consecutive days after laying off the first part of the week. The highlight was hill repeats in the rain, which was a nice break from the heat.

Total: Despite only six days of training, this was my highest-volume week since I’ve been in Philadelphia. I have one more week of heavy volume planned for this training block, followed by a couple weeks of lower-volume, higher-intensity work. In terms of fitness, my swim is almost where I’d like it to be, and a 20K TT (report forthcoming) gave me confidence that I’m improving on the bike. For the run, I just have to be patient and hope the pain eases enough to let me maintain my conditioning.

*I have a non-standard system for quantifying my training output. (Swim Dist x 4) + (Bike Dist / 4) + Run Dist = Total Points. Listed time is time spent swimming, biking, or running, not rest between intervals, walking, etc.


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